At least 165,000 signatures! Thanks for Making the Push!

During European Shark Week over 150 events took place in 19 countries. Across Europe, Shark Alliance member groups and supporters hosted shark classes, colouring competitions and swim-a-thons for children, shark dives, demonstrations and lectures. Many more of our supporters spread the message on facebook, twitter and blogs, all to encourage as many people as possible to learn about shark conservation and help Make the Push to protect Europe’s sharks by signing the petition or recording a personal message.

We’ve now collected and counted all the petitions from this year’s European Shark Week and in total we’ve received at least 165,000 signatures from all 27 EU member states. In addition, we have received hundreds of photos and many short videos of people taking part in shark week activities and asking their minister to Make the Push.

We’re not finished yet. We’re now arranging dates to handover the signatures and a selection of photos and videos to all EU fisheries ministers and will be posting updates visit

The EU has unfinished business for sharks.

For five years, the Shark Alliance, European Union (EU) fisheries and environment officials, and members of the European Parliament (MEPs) have been discussing the need to better protect sharks. While safeguards to prevent shark overfishing are evolving gradually, the flawed EU regulation that bans the wasteful practice of ‘finning’ (slicing off a shark’s fins and discarding the body at sea) has yet to be amended. At long last, we are in the final stages of the crucial finning debate, but your voice is needed - now more than ever - to ensure policy makers resist industry pressure and protect sharks, once and for all.

Please sign our petition urging EU fisheries ministers to protect sharks from overexploitation and finning now.

Dear Minister:

The EU has unfinished business for sharks. I urge you to ensure fulfilment of the commitments of the EU Shark Action Plan, especially strengthening the ban on shark finning — the wasteful practice of slicing off a shark’s fins and discarding the body at sea.

More than two years after EU minsters endorsed the Action Plan, targeted shark fisheries continue without limits, many endangered species remain unprotected, and the EU finning ban still has huge loopholes that make it possible to fin sharks without detection or punishment. In particular, at-sea removal of shark fins hinders enforcement and must be ended, without exception.

To safeguard these vulnerable animals, we need:

Sharks play essential roles as top predators. EU policies affect sharks all over the world. Your leadership is needed to protect sharks from overexploitation and finning.

A directory of moneylenders

Thank you.

Every October, members of the Shark Alliance in Europe run a week of activities for supporters and other shark enthusiasts to find out more about sharks and shark conservation and add their voices to those demanding that policy makers secure the future health of shark populations.

The Shark Alliance takes your privacy seriously. Although your name and country of residence may be provided to EU ministers in the presentation of the petition, we promise not to distribute personal data sent in the petition to any other third parties.

Aggregated, non personalised information - for example the number of signatories per country - may be used in the Shark Alliance's public communications, including on its website.